Do you only focus on business law issues?

Business can affect almost every legal area. While we focus on business-related topics, the articles we publish are not limited in one particular way. The characteristic they share is that in some way, shape, or form, the issues impact the business community. We strive to bring the most poignant business law issues to the forefront of legal discourse. Thus, we encourage anyone with an interest in communications, trade, white-collar, antitrust, policy-making, space law, national security, international law, corporate law, or environmental law– to consider joining AUBLR.

What commitments do members have?

Members must complete a certain number of hours per academic year to receive journal credit. Hours range from 180-480 depending on the status of the member, i.e. whether the member is on junior staff, senior staff, or executive board. Junior and senior staff must complete 2 hours in the journal office per week. During that time, members are given assignments relating to articles, such as: spading and source collecting. All members are expected to attend networking events and the annual Symposium.

How many members are on your journal?

On average, 70-80 members per academic year.