American University Business Law Review (BLR) is the first law review in D.C. dedicated solely to business issues. Beginning as a brief ten years ago, AUBLR is now ranked the #4 commercial law review in the country by ExpressO.

BLR is committed to publishing high-quality and high-impact pieces, from established and new scholars alike, that combine cutting-edge legal analysis with novel solutions to address the complex challenges that impact businesses today. As the first business law publication in our nation’s capital, BLR also organizes and sponsors an annual symposium through which leading scholars and practitioners assemble to address a particularly pressing issue facing the business law community.

BLR is edited and produced by students at the American University Washington College of Law. BLR’s nine volumes subsume a broad range of scholarship that covers developing legal trends in a variety of business law topics. BLR welcomes articles submitted by academics, practitioners, and law students; and it reviews submissions for possible publication on a rolling basis.

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