By: Gabriela Dueñas

Just last week, Ventura County Superior Court Judge Roger Lund approved Amanda Bynes’ petition to end her nine-year conservatorship.[1] Amanda Bynes was initially placed in a temporary emergency conservatorship in 2013 after she set fire to a driveway.[2] While the court appointed Bynes’ mother as her temporary conservator, the court once again appointed Bynes’ mother as her conservator the following year after police arrested Bynes for driving under the influence.[3]  Nine years later, Bynes filed a petition to end her conservatorship because she believes that, “her condition is improved and protection of the court is no longer necessary.”[4]  Bynes’ parents were very supportive of Bynes petition and even agreed to her request.[5]  Bynes has made several changes recently including improving her relationship with her family, attending college, and getting engaged.[6]

California law provides that in a conservatorship, a judge will appoint someone, known as a conservator, to take care of another adult, known as the conservatee, because the individual cannot manage either their own self or their finances.  A conservator can control the conservatee’s medical, financial, and basic life decisions.[8]  In other words, the conservatee essentially loses their autonomy.[9] This, however, did not seem to be Bynes’ case . Amanda Bynes had reportedly been on good terms with her parents, and the conservatorship had been “in the back of their minds.”[10] Furthermore, Bynes and her parents had both maintained the same goals throughout the years – to work together to end the conservatorship once Bynes was well.[11] In contrast to other conservatorships, such as Britney Spears’ legal battle to end her conservatorship, Bynes’ attempt to end her conservatorship was much more cordial, thus shedding light to the fact that relationships between the conservator and the conservatee do not necessarily have to be problematic.

While many speculate that Britney Spears’ successful attempt to end her conservatorship prompted Amanda Bynes to do the same, that does not seem to be the case.[12] Bynes’ lawyer claims that Bynes’ decision was not inspired in the slightest by the Free Britney movement and that Bynes was trying to “stay out of the limelight” throughout this process.[13] Furthermore, Bynes’ lawyer stated that Bynes had never mentioned Britney Spears’ proceedings during the process.[14]

Although the Free Britney movement did not, per se, inspire Bynes to end her conservatorship, Spears could have paved the way for an easier process for Bynes. Shortly after the documentary, Framing Britney Spears,  was released, California State Assemblymember Evan Low drafted a bill that recently became law in California and aims to reform multiple areas of conservatorship law in the state.[15]  Thus, the Free Britney movement and its aftermath likely made it easier for Bynes to terminate her conservatorship, particularly given that Bynes’ conservator, in contrast to Britney’s conservator, was in favor of ending the conservatorship.[16] Because the judge ultimately terminated Bynes’ conservatorship, more celebrities are expected to attempt to end their conservatorships. Britney and Bynes’ situations certainly prove that terminating a conservatorship can be done – with or without the conservator’s support.[17]


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